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We Exist Because of You

RJ Lang Sales Inc. started in 1972 providing electrical products to the Ohio and Pennsylvania energy companies.

Our team now has over 50 years combined experience in the energy industry.  We have diverse backgrounds as well giving us a natural flexibility to maneuver and adapt to the evolving energy industry.

Our products have grown substantially since our initial offering.  We are providing industry leading technology and groundbreaking technology that saves lives and provides a safe environment. 

We are in a unique geographical location.  We have a robust Public Power market which is always near and dear to us as these are the backbone of our territory.  First Energy and AEP are both HQ in Ohio which allows us to respond quickly and assist on site with any engineering questions that arise during project planning.

Over the past 50+ years in the energy industry providing professional care for all of our customer has cultivated many long lasting meaningful relationships.  To provide world class energy products to our partners, those relationships are key in our role as the Manufacturer’s representative.  

As new technology emerges that impacts the energy markets, we are committed to rigorously reviewing products that make sense for our customers.  We will evaluate, conduct market research, and make a decision on product technology that is in the best interest of our customers all based off our expert industry knowledge.  Time is valuable for all of us, so know when we come to the table, its because we believe our products have a place at your business.

As we embark on a new chapter at RJ Lang Sales Inc.  We are excited that you are here for the long haul with us, and welcome the RJ Lang Team to your team.

Michael Gallagher


Ron Jordan

Sr. Outside Sales Representative

Mary Larosa

Inside Sales Specialist

Bob Taylor

Inside Sales Specialist

Deb Baxter

Inside Sales Specialist

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